Welcome to Price Deacon Witham, Chartered Accountants.

At Price Deacon Witham we pride ourselves on providing a service that is second to none, and one which also serves your needs and requirements.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?  We understand your business needs and we go further than the extra mile to help you. As established Chartered Accountants we have a wealth of experience in working with all types of client's. Within our team we also have significant experience of the client’s side of the desk in industry, revitalising struggling businesses and dealing with a wide range of financial issues.

Price Deacon Witham provides clear, concise services, but with a friendly, human face. Director David Witham said: “The practice prides itself in working with its clients and supporting them where needed. We help our clients to maximise the value of their business and to deliver the greatest possible profit. Their success and our integrity are paramount to us.

“We work with SMEs, charities, UK subsidiaries of overseas businesses and individuals based within in the West Midlands and Warwickshire area, although we do have clients in the Middle East, the Caribbean, London and Sheffield! With modern communications distance is no object.

“We offer traditional tax and accounting services, such as year end accounts and tax returns; pro-active business advisory services; personal tax returns or a company’s strategic business plan. For our larger business clients and charities we provide audit services. We can also provide Payroll, Book-keeping and VAT services. Please visit Our Services section to see how we may be able to help you.”

Price Deacon Witham can help you to weather the present financial storms by offering a steadying hand as you steer your business into calmer waters and a safe haven.